Then you should definitely attend the ACA@UBC’s 2015 seminars and symposium, but in particular, you should attend a presentation by Anne Gilliland, Director of Archival Studies at UCLA and Director of the Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI) on Thursday February 12th at 3:30 pm in the Lillooet Room.

Read below for the presentation abstract:

Doctoral Education and the Archival Education Research Initiative (AERI)

Professor Anne J. Gilliland, Director of Archival Studies, UCLA and Director of the Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI)

This presentation will review the rapid development over the past two decades of doctoral education in archival studies, both in North America and worldwide. It will consider the reasons for this growth and the emerging career possibilities. Drawing on the experiences and data gathered by the Archival Education and Research Initiative (AERI), it will also discuss how prospective students might approach identifying the right doctoral program for their own interests and issues such as duration, funding, taught curricula, and location. It will also discuss trends in areas of research being pursued and methodological approaches that are being applied, and the possibilities for collaborative work. In its seventh year, AERI is a now global movement that is funded by the U.S. Institute for Museum and Library Services and led by a consortium of American research universities. It is dedicated to supporting and expanding state-of-the-art archival education, pedagogy, and scholarship. Each year it brings together incoming and continuing doctoral students, recent doctoral graduates, and faculty from across the United States and worldwide for a week-long institute to present and critique research in process, jointly develop curriculum and new pedagogical strategies, offer career mentoring as well as instruction in specific methodological approaches, identify emerging areas of grand research challenges, and strategize about the development of appropriate infrastructure to support the future of archival studies.

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