Save the date: the 12th annual ACA@UBC symposium will take place February 13-14 2020. The theme for the conference is “From Accountability to Memory: The Duty to Document, the Right to Destroy, the Need to Preserve.” Register on the website here.

ISO 15489 defines appraisal as “the process of evaluating business activities to determine which records need to be created and captured and how long the records need to be kept.” The openness of this definition has allowed the evolution of archival and records management practices to adapt to the current political and social climate. Currently, governments are issuing legislation that imposes upon public officers the duty to document all of their activities and decisions. In this context, records and archives managers have become an essential part of the documentation of internal procedures, including appraisal decisions, destruction, and preservation, at all levels. Likewise, individuals are gaining power over the existence of records about them and by them by exercising the right to destroy under the right to be forgotten, while people claim the need to preserve their memory as well as to choose the place of preservation. The personal and legal liability of records and archives professionals have become deep-seated concerns in recent years.

The 12th annual ACA@UBC Seminar and Symposium will explore the role of appraisal in society today, as well as our professional roles in relation to it.

Taking place on February 13th 2020, the seminar will consist of four interactive discussion sessions led by the symposium speakers as well as additional panelists. You do not have to prepare a presentation for the seminar.

Taking place on February 14th 2020, the symposium will be opened by the Director of the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, Dr. Luanne Freund, and a delegate of the  University of British Columbia, and will feature the following speakers:

Confirmed speakers:

  • Jason Baron (Legal Practitioner and Co-Chair of the Information Governance Initiative, United States of America)
  • Gabriele Bezzi ((Polo Archivistico Regionale dell’Emilia-Romagna, Italy)
  • Adrian Cunningham (Former Director of the Digital Archives Program, Queensland State Archives, Australia)
  • Darrell Evans (Canadian Institute for Privacy Studies)
  • Susan Laidlaw (Executive Director, Government Records Service at BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services, Canada)
  • Matteo Manfredi (Professor of Archives and Records Management, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador)
  • Andrea Riley (Supervisor of Operations Research and Support, Office of the Chief Records Officer, NARA)
  • Andrew Ross (Manager of Government Records, Archives Branch, Library and Archives Canada)
  • Dieter Schlenker (Director of Historical Archives of the European Union)

Registration is now OPEN. Visit the symposium website here.