Each year, we host a mentorship program to connect the incoming MAS/Dual class with more experienced archival students. From discussing courses, professional experience, and work-life balance to just getting to know people outside your cohort–it’s low commitment (school is busy enough, right?) opportunity to grow your network in the program.

If you’re interested in being a mentee or mentor, please email aca.slais@gmail.com by September 30th with the following information:

– Name:
– Email address :
– Program (MAS/Dual) & Year (1/2/3/4) :
– Where you are from :
– Your research/academic interests (university archives, corporate archives/special collections, records management, digital records, archivist as activist, personal archives, First Nations, etc.) :
– Your favourite class in the MAS core :
– Anything else you think is important to include (preferred pronouns, health, availability, etc)?

You’ll hear from us on Monday, October 3 with your match!