Symposium Countdown Day 08!

We are counting down the days until the symposium by promoting the abstracts of the presentations that will be given during the event on Friday February 13th, 2015!

Leslie Latta, Provincial Archivist of Alberta, will be presenting from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm:

Symposium Title: “A Fine Balance: From Archival Education and Into Employment”

Symposium Abstract: Moving from theory into practice is always a fine balance. From my current vantage point as Provincial Archivist in Alberta, I will share my thoughts on what current and future graduates might seriously consider as they leave their programs of archival and associated studies with a plan to gain fulfilling employment in a modern archival place of work. I will begin with a brief note on my own career path, from youthful passion to current mid-life window of view. I will speak to my observations of and experience within the Alberta and Canadian academic and archival/information management/heritage arenas. And, I will explore impressions from my years as an employer, from the spark that draws me towards one applicant over another, and beyond through the years from employee orientation to retirement. Throughout a marriage of these three touch points, I will bring in the voices of my students and work colleagues as well as other random yet insightful youth that I have been blessed to encounter on my path through life. The end result will leave the audience with a view of the archivist role now and several years out, as well as the importance of values and competencies, based on those currently in place within the Alberta public sector that likely mirror other modern workplaces.

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