Symposium Countdown Day 09

We are counting down the days until the symposium by promoting the abstracts of the presentations that will be given during the event on Friday February 13th, 2015!

Elizabeth Denham, Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, will be presenting from 11:00 am to 11:30 am:

Symposium Title: “Curating the Future, Preserving the Past: Graduate Education in the Information Age”

Symposium Abstract: The explosion of digital technologies has profoundly affected the study and practice of information management, archives, privacy and access to information. In a world where data knows no borders, governments and businesses need the right people, with the right knowledge and skills, to manage information flows and preserve data and records. Archivists and information managers are uniquely placed to lead the charge. Commissioner Denham will talk about some of the steps students of archives and information management can take to recognize and seize opportunities in digital spheres.

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