Symposium Countdown Day 10

We are counting down the days until the symposium by promoting the abstracts of the presentations that will be given during the event on Friday February 13th, 2015!

Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, will be presenting from 10:00 am to 10:30 am:

Symposium Title: “The Hybrid, the Heretic, and the Humanist: Educating Today’s Archivists for Tomorrow’s World”

Symposium Abstract: What are the skills that archivists will need in the future? How will they differ from those dictated by the focus of our analogue past? How will archivists extract what is truly important from digital oblivion? And how will they put information into the hands of those wanting to use it? These are just some of the challenges facing archivists, and thus archival educators, in the 21st century. Through examples drawn from real-world situations at Library and Archives Canada and other memory institutions, this presentation will demonstrate that tomorrow’s archivists will need to combine disciplines, break from tradition, and reach out to people in dramatic new ways in order to preserve and protect our records into the future. In the age of the cloud, successful archivists will be those who can see the big picture, solve problems, make timely decisions, communicate effectively, engage with clients, cope with rapid change, collaborate with other professional groups, and deliver value for money. Thus educators will need to teach them not only the specialized technical skills demanded of the profession, such as digital fluency, but how to be flexible, creative, innovative, adaptable, and people-oriented.

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