The ACA@UBC is hosting its 7th international seminars and symposium from Wednesday February 11th to Friday February 13th. Archivists, librarians, professors, professionals, alumni and those interested in archival studies are welcome to attend!

Coffee will be provided during the seminars in the morning on a first come first serve basis. We encourage all students to attend the seminars.

The panels on Wednesday and Thursday will discuss:

  • What archivists should be learning
  • What to expect after graduation and in the workplace
  • What the future looks like for archival education

Read more about the panels and speakers here:

If you have a question for the panel, you can submit it:

If you have a class you cannot get out of, or work, come out to only one seminar that day! (Although if you’re a MAS or DUAL student you shouldn’t be penalized for missing class). Better yet, try to come to all of them! This is a great opportunity to participate in the conversation of what you should be learning and what to expect once you’re out of SLAIS.

We hope to see you there!