Well then you should register for the 2015 ACA@UBC Seminars and Symposium, Professional Education and Archives: What Does the Future Require?

Speakers at the panels and symposium include:

Karen Anderson | Mid Sweden University (Panel 1, Symposium)

Guy Berthiaume | Library and Archives Canada (Symposium)

Richard Cox | University of Pittsburgh (Panel 4, Symposium)

Elizabeth Denham | BC Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner (Symposium)

Luciana Duranti | The University of British Columbia (Panel 4)

Anne J. Gilliland | Archival Education Research Institute (Presentation after panels)

Kevin Glick | Yale University Archives (Panel 2)

Heather Gordon | City of Vancouver Archives (Panel 3)

Shadrack Katuu | International Atomic Energy Agency (Panel 3, Symposium)

Leslie Latta | Provincial Archives of Alberta (Panel 3, Symposium)

Evelyn McLellan | Artefactual Systems Inc. (Panel 2)

April Miller | The World Bank (Panel 2, Symposium)

Kristopher F. Nelson* | Library of Congress (Panel 4)

Mpho Ngoepe | University of South Africa (Panel 4)

Richard Pearce-Moses | Clayton State University (Panel 1, Symposium)

Jim Suderman | City of Toronto (Panel 3)

Bill Waiser | University of Sasketchewan (Symposium)

Jian Wang | Remin University of China (Panel 1)

Lara Wilson | CCA, University of Victoria (Panel 2, Symposium)

Sherry Xie (Symposium)

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