As you may or may not know, SLAIS/the MAS program is under review this fall.

Students are asked to write a detailed letter to the Associate Dean, Mary Lynn Young about the MAS, MLIS and Dual program. The letter should be signed, limited to 2 pages, and mailed/hand delivered to Mary Lynn Young in the Dean’s Office. Letters should include:

  • Why you came to the program
  • What your experience has been in the program, including the seminars and symposium from previous years
  • What your concerns are (re: number of course offerings, number of teachers, ground covered or not covered by the program)
  • What you think the program’s accomplishments are
  • What you think the program’s challenges are
  • What you think the future should be
The letters must reach Dr. Young by Tuesday October 28th, 2014 — the sooner the better. Both new and returning students are asked to participate.