The Association of Canadian Archivists Student Chapter at the University of British Columbia (ACA@UBC) is delighted to present its Seventh Annual International Seminar and Symposium, Professional Education and Archives: What Does the Future Require? which will be held at UBC from February 11 to 13, 2015.

International in scope, the Seminar and Symposium will address the emerging discussion about the content of graduate education that records and archives professionals require to successfully engage in the challenges of the 21st century recordkeeping practices, and envision the trajectory of the profession from the point of view of a variety of stakeholders, including employers, users, alumni, professional groups, students and academics. The event will consider what and how students should be learning so they can assess information critically and generate new ideas in a society that is rapidly changing, why and how community partners are integral to the future success of students’ careers, what is the role of experiential learning in the curriculum, how the symbiotic relationship between theory and practice should be conveyed, whether graduate education should be centered on a specialized or on a general program, and what is the role of research and the importance of innovation in a professional graduate program.

The two-day seminar will consist of four half-day interactive discussion sessions led by panels composed of members of each stakeholder group including Lara Wilson, the Canadian Council of Archives; Heather Gordon, the City of Vancouver Archives; April Miller, the World Bank Archives; Richard Pearce-Moses, Clayton State University, and several more. The one-day Symposium will consist of presentations conveying the personal views and experiences of the speakers: Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada; Elizabeth Denham, British Columbia Information and Privacy Commissioner; Bill Waiser, the University of Saskatchewan; Shadrack Katuu, International Atomic Energy Agency; Richard J. Cox, the University of Pittsburgh, and several more. Students, academics, and professionals are invited to attend both events and to actively participate in the seminar.

Symposium: Friday, February 13, 2015, Frederic Wood Theatre, 9:00am-5:00pm

Seminars: Wednesday February 11, 2015, and Thursday February 12, 2015, Location TBD, 9:00am-5:00pm.