Beware of archivist!

I’m sure that a lot of you have heard something about the recently leaked Library and Archives Canada Code of Conduct which, among other things, characterizes things like conference participation, teaching, and engagement with professional organizations as “high risk” activities subject to managerial approval. And perhaps after hearing about it you thought, “Well, that’s…(okay, for the purposes of a public blog I am not going to type out what you actually though)…silly. Yes, indeed, it’s extremely silly.” And maybe you have wanted to voice your opinion in some meaningful way about just how silly you think it is.

Here’s your chance!

One of our lovely colleagues on the Arcan-l listserv suggested that we need “a fabulous YouTube video showing archivists and librarians doing high risk activities. Skydiving, train hopping, parkour, taking books out of the library, writing something at home with the blinds drawn, entering a university lecture hall – the sky’s the limit!  All the while with that wonderful all-purpose Canadian tool, duct tape, plastered on our faces.”

Sooo…go ahead and start staging some “high risk” photo and video shoots to add to the video! We’ll all be done with assignments soon enough, and what better way celebrate than by contributing to a fun little project that shows solidarity and support to our colleagues in Ottawa and around the country! Send your photos and videos clips to cgshriver at gmail dot com. If your submission is too large to send, just shoot her an email, and she will invite you to a Dropbox.

Thanks so much…and stay risky!